Zube Soundtracks

Gorilla Film Magazine has secured an exclusive deal with Zube Records, allowing filmmakers to purchase the rights to any track from their archive to use on films up to festival level for the nominal fee of only £1.

Although Gorilla likes sticking it to the man as much as the next guy, if you don’t have the rights to your film soundtrack, screening can be a tricky business. A festival won’t touch it no matter how good the film is, YouTube will often remove your file and that film you have worked so hard on will struggle to make it into the public eye.

Zube records are not only offering screening rights to a large part of their archive, but are open to offering dialogue between filmmaker and musician, re-mixes, instrumental versions or music to fit your project are available.

You can listen to a selection of Zube’s archive here and if you’re interested in this offer you can contact Zube for more info at Soundtracks@zuberecords.co.uk

About Zube

Zube Records are an independent not-for-profit record label based in London. Zube supports London based artists working outside the pop/dance mainstream.