The mighty Managers are more than just tiny cogs in the wheel, they’re really big cogs, and are essential to Gorilla’s survival.

Gorilla Film Magazine does not do internships, as part of our Management you would essentially become one of us. You would help plan and organise our various efforts, from the printed publication to fundraising events, making decisions that affect the group and the brand. Basically you’ll be helping to run Gorilla Film Magazine, and you’ll get to influence where we go from here.

As a business we’re always evolving, and how much you put into your Management role will determine how much you get out. If you want to just help out here and there we’re more than happy to have you, but there’s also an opportunity to get stuck in and get your hands dirty (just an expression, I assure you). We might even let you order us around, if you prove your mettle.

There are also plenty of individual tasks that fall under the Management umbrella. Should you wish to proof read or edit articles, find online films for review, manage film nights, seek out distributors or advertisers (and possibly gain yourself a percentage) then just get in touch with your specific area and we can chat about it. Your place in Management is always flexible, but it’s also the most involving of all the job titles.

Get involved!