Issue 4

What’s the News?

We’re back! As some of you are probably aware, Gorilla Film Magazine has always had a bit of a fetish for the smell of cheap paper, so we’re delighted to be back in print for issue 4. We tried the whole ‘online magazine’ thing and it’s not really for us,we’d much rather be poor and on shelves, so that you can clutch the new issue in your trembling hands and hold it against your beating chest.

So When is it Out?

As of 15.05.2012, you’ll be able to purchase Gorilla Film Magazine for £3, either in shops, at special film nights or on our website.

Wait, It Costs Money Now?

Yep, it has always cost us a lot to actually make the magazine, and we just can’t do it alone anymore. While most of your £3 will go towards all of our writers crippling alcohol addictions, some of it will go towards printing costs. At this stage Gorilla won’t be making any profit, but maybe some time in the future we’ll be just like a real magazine! We’re also having a bit of a makeover, with a splash more colour and a sexy spine to spice things up a bit. It’ll be worth every penny.

£3 Just isn’t enough! Can We Give You More Money?

Why yes, yes you can! There will be all sorts of special deals and offers for all you crazy fun lovers out there, including a sparkly new limited edition t-shirt design.

So What’s In Issue 4?

Loads of stuff. We take a look at the exhibition of short film, and the role the Internet has to play in the medium’s evolution. We’ve got a bunch of reviews of short films that are available to watch online. There are articles about self-promotion, movie funding, production board making and budget tripod solutions. And we interview filmmakers Frank Poulson (Blood in the Mobile), Will Jewel (Man in Fear) and Ben Cady (The Goat in the Well) the latter taking time out of his busy schedule to shed light on what it is to be an animator. We’ve also got a bit about the photogénie, a top five list of the sexiest movie monsters and various other interesting bits and bobs.

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