About Us

Gorilla is a platform for low-to-no budget filmmakers and short films. Our objective is to shine a light on interesting projects and talented folks who don’t get the attention they deserve on mainstream sites. Here at Gorilla you’ll find short film reviews, with links to the films themselves, as well as articles, both practical and theoretical, and a bunch of silly videos. We also interview filmmakers, and post about interesting new projects from the independent film world.

Our main focus is a filmmaking guidebook called Gorilla Film Magazine, which is a weighty, full-colour book full of reviews, articles, interviews and filmmaking tips, all with a sexy aesthetic that projects the illusion of grace. Issues 1, 2 and 4 are 68 pages each, and available to buy from our online shop. You can read Issue 3 right now by clicking on this shiny hyperlink

Issue 5 is a 100 page special, thanks to our partnership with Cannes in a Van and The Van d’Or Independent Film Awards. If you’re lucky enough to find a copy, you can have it for free, otherwise it’s available to buy from our online shop.

We’re filmmakers, not writers, so we hope you’ll forgive the flippant tone and the poor grammar.

Issues 1-4