Gorilla Film Magazine Distribution!

Gorilla Film Magazine is back in print this September, with a special 100 page issue that’s totally FREE to anyone who can find it lying around. However, actually getting Gorilla out there, into the big wide world, for people to pick up and take, is going to be a bit of a challenge.

So how have we distributed Gorilla Film Magazine in the past? Well we basically just call up a load of places, ask them if they want a couple of boxes of Gorilla, and then we take the bus. We stuff our backpacks full of magazines, carry a couple of boxes, and stagger around London like Sisyphus with a hangover. It’s a gruelling back-bending process, but worst of all it’s time consuming.

The Gorilla Kickstarter campaign has been a huge success, thanks to a bunch of awesome donators and a bunch more fantastic folks who spread the word, and got Gorilla out there. Well the Kickstarter voyage isn’t over yet! With your help, we want to raise extra, extra funds to go towards travel costs, so we can get volunteers to distribute Gorilla Film Magazine around London and the UK.

And we don’t just want to deliver to the usual venues, we want to have some fun! We want to hide copies of Gorilla, maybe even bury them around London and have people go on treasure hunts to find them! Does that sound a bit too crazy? Well we’ve totally done a treasure hunt before, for the East End Film Festival, crazy is a place where Gorilla feels right at home! There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful ways we can make the experience of finding Gorilla fun and engaging. And maybe even a bit magical, too.

So join us, support us on Kickstarter, either by donating or simply sharing the campaign. If you’ve already been amazing enough to donate, you can still massively help out by spreading the word. Tell a friend or two, both in the real world and online. Spread a pot full of Gorilla over your social networking toast! OK, that last bit didn’t make sense, but just go with it!